Podcasting is Easy to Understand:

What is a podcast? It is like a radio or television broadcast, but the "pod" stands for "publication on demand." In other words, you don't have to tune into a TV or radio at a certain time to hear or see the show that you're looking for. You can listen or watch whenever you want. Most podcasts right now are just audio shows, but there are some video. The best part is that podcasts are free. That's right: free music. Some people assume that the word podcast refers to an iPod. That is misleading. You don't need an iPod to listen to podcasts. If the podcasts come as mp3 files, which most do, then you can listen to the podcast on ANY mp3 player. You can also listen to the podcast on your laptop or desktop computer.

How do you get or subscribe to a free podcast? Well, if you have used iTunes, it is extremely simple to subscribe to a podcast. Do the following:

In iTunes, once you've subscribed to a couple of podcasts, you'll see them listed in the podcast directory. If you double-click on any of the titles, you'll see a sub-menu which lists all of the old episodes. If iTunes hasn't already downloaded the older episodes for you, you can check the boxes beside any episodes that you want to download. You can also set the software to download every episode automatically, which makes things easier.

Other Software: iTunes probably accounts for about 80% of all podcasting software, called podcast "aggregators." An aggregator is a type of software that "collects" things. However, there are quite a few other podcatcher software programs. "Juice" is one popular alternative to iTunes. However, iTunes works just great, so it is probably the easiest program to recommend.

Where do I find a podcast? A lot of podcasts are listed on various websites around the internet. However, to save time, you can search for podcasts on a couple of specific websites that are very useful:

You'll notice that there are a LOT of podcasts which aren't music. They may not interest you. However, if you dig around, you'll find a lot of great music podcasts too. And hopefully, if you like progressive house or related genres, you'll enjoy our Subterranean Homesick Grooves™ radio show, and you'll subscribe!

- Jonathan Clark (DJ Bolivia)

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